Today Malleswaram is faced with several real issues. Due to the rapid increase in the number of cars and two-wheelers the walking space/ living space in the neighbourhood is congested. Apart from traffic problems, the residents, particularly children, are facing severe air and sound pollution. Hence there is an urgent need to explore alternate non-motorized transport solutions which will give equitable access to the open spaces in the neighbourhood. Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) in partnership with JAAGA (Public Charitable Trust that Supports artist, technologists, social and environmental change activists) has initiated a project for “Neighbourhood Accessibility Planning in Malleswaram”.The objective of this project is to take a stock of the existing environment for non-motorized transport and to assess the problems faced by the local people especially the elderly, children and differently abled in making use of the available infrastructure and to formulate a project with consultations and community engagement of residents and users of Malleswaram for the improvement of existing infrastructure. This is with the idea of transforming the neighbourhood from a traffic-congested commuter street into a more environmentally and culturally conscious, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly locality through a participatory process of planning and designing.

The project has duration of 3 months. An office has been set up at the BBMP-Kabbadi office, Malleswaram. Personnel from JAAGA/ DULT will be getting in touch with the residents of Malleswaram through individual meetings and community workshops that involve the residents and users of Malleswaram in the planning process.

We would like to use this opportunity to invite residents of Malleswaram to get in touch with us through this website, our team whom you might encounter or through email mailyourmap[at]gmail.com